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My Formidable Mate

My Formidable Mate

Miracle M

Update: 2023-01-19

Chapter 1 The Werewolves, Vampires and Witches

  • (Lael POV)
  • "Now that we have learned how to bewitch an enemy and make them frozen in a trance like state, I will now be showing you how to make your enemy forget his purpose and find you the target alluring" My dad the King of the silver star coven or kingdom said.
  • "Lael, can you come up and show them?" he called me and I stepped up, my dad decided to teach the Intermediate witches by himself today because he was told that they have been slacking off during training and was angry because we are having threatening issues with some wolf pack or kingdom.
  • "Libido super me" I said and immediately, I turned to the must sensual person to ever existed in their eyes as they started having a raging hard-ons even my dad, well he can't help it because since I was born, I possess a tremendous magic power that make my powers irresistible to everyone and too powerful for my enemies.
  • "Lael..., c...can you unbind the spell now?" my dad literally moaned and I nod. "Dispellere." I said and the magic was nullified and all the male present groaned
  • My name is Lael Knox and I am 19 years old powerful witch, my dad name is Daniel Knox and he is the current king of the silver star witch kingdom, my mom died when I was born so I didn't get to know her, this is the era of monarchy, the werewolves Alphas and Lunas are called Kings and Queens and they built their Packs like kingdoms, the same thing with Witches and Vampires.
  • We are not in war but we have some disagreements with the wolf kingdoms which the Vampires exempted themselves from.
  • I am the Prince and also the heir to the throne of the gray Witches which is the gray kingdom, the Witches has three different kingdoms,
  • The silver star kingdom or gray kingdom,
  • The mirror lake kingdom or green kingdom,
  • And the stardust kingdom or blue kingdom,
  • My dad is the king of the gray kingdom which we are currently in and I am their king to be, they said that the throne is meant for me because of my powers but my age-mates said that it was because of my looks which I always deemed as a joke.
  • The Werewolves has seven kingdoms,
  • The shadows kingdom,
  • Midnight kingdom,
  • blood moon kingdom,
  • Moon stone Kingdom,
  • Blue moon Kingdom,
  • Silver claw kingdom,
  • Wind Walker kingdom,
  • the strongest kingdoms of the seven is the shadow kingdom, they are very strong and wealthy and most of them has special abilities or special powers, and just like gray kingdom their kingdom is beautiful.
  • The Vampires has four kingdoms,
  • Vital essence Kingdom,
  • Crash corpse kingdom,
  • Volturi kingdom,
  • Undead last kingdom,
  • the most powerful of them is the vital essence as they has special abilities too and can control fire, they are also rumored to be more beautiful than others.
  • And as for the witches, well our kingdom is quite strong but I don't know about the other two.
  • In my kingdom, why they alway talked about my looks is because they said I am very handsome which I don't know or I am not sure.
  • I have long wavy black hair with blue eyes, and I am six foot with muscles but not broad, us witches lives for twenty thousand years before aging which makes us to be in our youthful age for long, me and my dad practically looked like twins , we both has wavy black hair but the difference is that his eyes are green, the same deep jawline, the same six foot tall and the same muscle type but he is slightly bigger than me but it's not noticeable.
  • After the spell I casted, most of the Witches can't focus anymore because they are all carrying a raging hard-on so my dad dismissed them "I am only letting you horny 20 years old go but before our next training tomorrow, make sure that you have perfected this magic so that we will be moving to the next" my dad said and they all nod I noticed it before dispersing, I turned to my dad and ignored that he still has a raging hard on but ignored left.
  • Later the day, he sent a witch to called me were I was working out all sweaty but I stopped the excercises and I am currently making my way to him only on my boxer as I was in the middle of gym and was planning to go back to it when what he called me for was over, but as I entered where he was, sweating shirtless, I noticed that all the councilmen are present and immediately, all their eyes trailed to my exposed chest and they all had an expression that I couldn't 't describe.
  • Our kingdom councilmen are ten in number, most of them are in their 500 years but they looked like they are in their twenties, I ignored them and made my way to my father still sweating "Father you called me in the middle of gym, I thought that is must be important so I rushed here immediately" I said and my father's eyes trailed to my exposed chest and then he cleared his throat and removed his gaze and said "Yeah, it is important, don't worry about how you look , it's not bad." he said.
  • Need I remind you that our kingdom are full of raging hormones that are always horny whenever they saw something that made their cock twitch, but about the councilmen, they would never question me being an heir to the throne and looking indecent because, first I has a very tremendous magic reserve than all of them which they are afraid of making me befitting to be the next king which is still a long time to come though, all of them are powerful experienced Witches but they can't compare with my magic reserve, I can fight with magic from morning till night and will still have alot of magic reserved but theirs would have emptied.
  • "We called you here because all the kingdoms are organizing an event of the future leaders, the people to attend are all the heirs of all the kingdoms, and at the meeting, they will Select the three heirs that will be leading the meeting based on powers, the meetings will be holding for a week and it's for the heirs to form a better understanding than us" he said and I nominate as I went to sit at the chair beside his, his eyes traced back to my sweating body again as I am now more closer to him, but he removed his eyes as he continued.
  • "So as the heir to the gray kingdom, we will also be sending you to the meeting to represent us, make sure that you become one of the leading three heirs in the meeting because the position will last for twenty years amongst the heirs, even though twenty years is nothing to our age but I want you to be among the decision makers so that you will rule off anything that will be made that is not in favor to our kingdom, got it Lael?" he asked and I voted "Got it" smiling at his face turned red and he nod me, I don't know why but my dad has never called me 'son' before, he do love know but he never call be 'son' only by my name.
  • "You can now and finish your training, the next meeting will be tomorrow morning and you will be leaving the day hall after tomorrow" he said and I nod whilst standing up and leaving, I can here some groans from the great but I didn't go 't know why, so I continued my step and left the hall to complete my work out.