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Chapter 3 My feelings

  • Melvin's mom still could not say anything...the only thing she could communicate with was the tear drops from her eyes...all because of the fear that her only child is about to leave her for another woman, his wife. Melvin angrily left his parents again in the garden, and went straight inside. But this time, he picked up a few of his clothes, came out of the house, and went away to an unknown destination. His parents left the garden,went inside to talk to their son again, but met his absence in his room. They searched all around the house, but could not find him. Crying continued for them again, till it was night fall.
  • The couple thought their son just needed some time off to clear his head of all he had experienced the past few days, so they felt it was best to give him his space, thinking he would come back home on his own. Not knowing his plan was different. Few hours later, Melvin arrived his friend's house(Steve's house). He was shocked to see him because he was not informed of his coming.
  • Judging from Melvin's looks, he was not okay. Shane then asked...
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