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Chapter 10 Mine

  • "You're exaggerating," Rain snapped. He folded his arms across his chest and pouted, refusing to face Forth. While sucking in a smile Forth shifted towards Rain from behind. He hugged Rain by the waist and rested his chin on his shoulder.
  • Forth kissed the side of Rain's neck and chuckled when he saw Rain goosebumps. The neck is one of Rain's weak points. "Come on, honey, it's just a common cold. Everyone gets it once in a while," Forth coaxed gently.
  • Rain sighed and let go of his folded arms and held Forth's hands at his waist. He turned and kissed Forth's cheek briefly. "You make me worried. Why do you have to study so hard, Forth? You're a genius. You can achieve perfect marks without working too hard. There's no grade above an A, Forth, complained.
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