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  • **BEAUTY'S POV**
  • My mom stared at me from head to toe,I was vibrating in fear and anger,mixed together but somehow managed to put on a smile.She sighed and packed up her books ,then walked towards me.
  • "Hey mooom..?"I waved awkwardly.
  • She took a long stare at me then she shook her head and sighed again ."you guys are old enough to take responsibilities,incase a result comes out from all that...just make sure you trust him enough"She said and walked out of the room.
  • I stood at the same spot,what's this feeling?I made up my mind to do this and now that mom mentioned it,there was this feeling of regret and fear rising in me.
  • I gently closed the door and exhaled deeply,leaning on the door, with a hand on my chest,my heart aggressively pounding.Few seconds later,I slowly walked to my bed and sat down thinking of what mom said,am I going to regret going skin to skin with him,I loved and wanted him too,but what does he think of me,a loser ?a slut?a cheap thing or someone he truly love(deep sigh).I fall on the bed and eyes closed , my heart raced.
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