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Chapter 20

  • "How many times do i need to apologize to you Kara?" asked Ava as they arrived the cottage.
  • "Didn’t demand for any apology Ava. I just don't get it. Okay, I think I do but I don't know why I have to still be feeling like you are hooking me up and pushing me away at the same time. Getting me to date any random person." exclaimed Kara ragging.
  • "That wasn't my intention though. I want you to feel happy. Like the way you used to be before you had to start growing feelings for Me." she mentioned gazing into her eyes softly.
  • Kara gave the gaze back at her and inside the house she led. Walked on settling at the couch.
  • "I'm really hoping I can get over the thoughts I have for you Ava. I pray it's just a mere infatuation cause if it isn't. You and I might not be friends anymore."
  • "Are you serious about this?" asked Ava sitting next to where Kara was.
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