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Chapter 474 Familiar Unfamiliarity

  • Jinxuan turned to look at Du Shaoheng. Her head felt like it was hammered for some reason when Chen Borui came in; she was suffering from the impact. She thought Chen Borui looked familiar when she saw him, but she could not remember if she knew him.
  • Chen Borui turned to look at Jinxuan, and there was an inscrutable emotion there.
  • When Du Shaoheng saw Chen Borui looking at Jinxuan coldly, he pulled her to his side and slowly placed her behind him.
  • Chen Borui suddenly laughed as he looked at them. He sat down on the sofa, looking like he owned the place, while Lu Zhanting’s group were just guests.
  • Chen Borui sat on the sofa and put his head on his hand, but none of them talked.
  • Zhuo Anran—who was beside Mu Dien—looked at Chen Borui in shock, as her hunch told her something bad was going to happen.
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