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Chapter 468 The One Han Yichen Liked

  • Han Yichen sat there for a while after he hung up; his friends were worried about him, for he did not look good. He looks different from just now. Did something bad happen? Everyone started looking serious as they huddled closer around Han Yichen, wondering what he would do.
  • “What happened, Yichen?” Du Shaoheng asked anxiously.
  • “I need to go back,” Han Yichen said in a grim voice, “but I will do what you asked me to, Zhanting.
  • “What happened?” Mu Dien asked.
  • “My dad’s sick, but he refuses to go to the hospital. He insists that I go back, so that’s what I’m doing now,” Han Yichen explained.
  • “What? Mr. Han is sick? You should get Shaoheng to go along with you,” Lu Ranxi said worriedly.
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