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Chapter 467 Questioning Han Yichen

  • Han Yichen nodded in satisfaction, and he sat on the sofa before he noticed the tea on the table; it was Taiping Houkui tea, which was his favorite. He took one cup to drink, while Mu Xitong, Jinxuan, Mu Dien, and Du Shaoheng turned to look at him.
  • “Why are you guys looking at me? I came back in one piece, right? You don’t have to look at me like that.” Han Yichen sipped from his cup.
  • “Oh no, we just noticed that you don’t seem to be in a good mood.” Mu Dien smiled.
  • “I’m fine. Why do you think I’m in a bad mood?” Han Yichen asked calmly.
  • “Oh no, no, no. You’re in a good mood. I was wrong,” Mu Dien said helplessly.
  • You’re in a bad mood, but you just have to act tough, Mu Dien grumbled quietly, as he dared not to say that out loud.
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