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Chapter 455 Paying Him a Visit

  • Finally, she closed her eyes after seeing the fatigued Lu Zhanting beside her. As promised, he did hug her tightly the entire night. The next day, when she woke up in the morning, her arm felt sore. In an instant, she knew why he had hugged her tightly throughout the night.
  • Presently, Mu Xitong turned her head but couldn’t see Lu Zhanting anywhere, and thus her face fell. She quickly threw off the sheets and rushed down the stairs without even putting on her shoes.
  • When she reached the stairs, she saw many people seated in the living room; she knew all of them. The man she was looking for—Lu Zhanting—was also seated there.
  • “Xitong, you’re awake. Quick, come down and have breakfast. We were waiting for you because Zhanting won’t allow us to have breakfast before you’re awake,” Lu Ranxi griped.
  • Lu Zhanting turned and gazed at Mu Xitong adoringly. Meanwhile, the latter scratched her head and smiled at them.
  • “I’m sorry to delay everyone’s breakfast.” Mu Xitong quickly made her way down the stairs.
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