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Chapter 452 Arriving in Dragon City

  • Lu Jiu didn't answer Nan Lichuan's questions for the longest time. Nan Lichuan was in no hurry, and so he waited for Lu Jiu to answer him. Since he had played all his cards today, he needed to set things straight; he couldn't let this go on, otherwise she would just continue to run away from reality.
  • Lu Jiu kept her eyes on Nan Lichuan, her heart and words contradicting each other.
  • But even if they were contradicting, she didn't have the courage to say it out loud. After all, they were just too different, and it was not something that they could just get over with.
  • However, could she really be as Nan Lichuan described? As long as she did her best in everything, how else would she know if she never tried? As long as she did her very best, all she needed to do was to take a leap of faith.
  • Nan Lichuan watched as Lu Jiu’s expression kept changing; he waited for her patiently since he wasn’t in a hurry.
  • He lifted his wrist to check his watch, then turned to look out the window.
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