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Chapter 6 Violeta's Plan Failed

  • It's Friday and tomorrow is the 3rd Saturday of the month.
  • "Hey, are we going to party tomorrow?" I asked for confirmation from Mylene.
  • "Yes, of course, it is our chance to see them. Maritess told me that they will play music as a band." She said.
  • "Oh! A band? Wow!" I said.
  • "But it is not yet confirmed if they will play because the neighborhood, doesn't like noises." Said Mylene.
  • "Oh! That's bad news! Their neighborhoods are boring." I said.
  • "Let's go tomorrow." She said.
  • "But I'm lazy to go tomorrow," I replied.
  • "What?! This is our opportunity to see them." Mylene said.
  • "But, it is a good thing if we know them better than just simply seeing them," I said.
  • "Who knows if there is somebody we knew that can introduce us to them, right?! So let us go. You don't have anything to do at your home." Mylene said with finality.
  • "Okay," She is right. I'd rather go with her than stay at home with my stepmother.
  • Mylene and I were active to go to church since the first time we went to Sergovia Church and from then on, it seems that the choir members and the organist always look in our direction. Even Mylene saw this so they are always our topic. But I wish we will know them and befriend them.
  • When I went back to the house, my mother is in the living area. She look at me when I entered the house.
  • "Oh, there you are, Elaida. Tomorrow, we have visitors here and I need you to assist in the kitchen." Violeta said.
  • "Why should I assist in the kitchen? I have my appointment tomorrow. I can't do that." I refused.
  • "You always not around here in the house even on weekends. I just need a helping hand, okay?" Violeta said to me trying to convince me.
  • "Listen, you have your kids they can help you, right? Why me? And besides, they are your visitors, not mine. And what is the occasion? Why there are gatherings here? And you can call your kin to help you. I am busy for tomorrow." I said and go upstairs to my room. I looked at Violeta in my peripheral vision and I laughed secretly when I saw her furious.
  • "Why should I? I am not some kind of a maid. She has lots of children that can help her, why me? Why? Is she doesn't want to disturb her children? Hmp! No way." I thought to myself. She can't do anything to me because of my father.
  • I locked my bedroom when I was inside and do my assignments.
  • Saturday morning I woke up early to go to Mylene's house. This is what I am doing every weekend. I do not stay in the house but I do wash my clothes at weekends so that my stepmother can't say anything to me about my things. I clean my bedroom, too.
  • My stepmother is not kind as people think. Violeta always make her way to set up my brothers until my two brothers went out to our family and left me alone here with my father. She is trying to cast me but I am nasty to her and since I am the only daughter of my father to his first family, my father doesn't want me to leave on this family. Besides my father couldn't say anything bad about me. I am industrious in my study and quietly behave so even my stepmother plays her tricks on my father, he didn't scold me or whatever. This is why Violeta hates me much.
  • She wants to ask me to help today because she wants me to be a maid in the eyes of whatever visitors she has. But I don't want to give her satisfaction. She always invites her friends to have a party in our house almost every weekend, doesn't she tired? And she spent my father's money on that nonsense party? We are not that rich and though my father has a business at least she should keep or value the money, not waste it.
  • I saw my father at the table.
  • "Good morning, father." I kissed her cheek
  • "Good morning. Elaida, Violet asked you last night to help her in the kitchen today, why do you refuse her?" My father asked me calmly. Here we go he used my father to me.
  • "Dad, I can't because I m going to Mylene. There are a lot of projects and assignments I should do for the whole day. And I must pass them on Monday. Why I should help her if I am busy? I said to her I have my appointment today so that's it." I said.
  • "Violet, my daughter told you she was busy. Why did you still insist that she should help you?" My father said angrily to her.
  • "Oh, I just told you that I need her assistance." Violeta smiled stuttering her voice.
  • "But did you hear what my daughter said? She is busy with her school projects. So don't oblige her after all, Elaida is not obliged to do so. Go your way, Elaida. Finish your breakfast then." My father said and continue reading his newspaper while sipping his coffee. I saw Violeta's face ruined. She went upstairs. If my father is not in front of me, I promise I could laughed hard.
  • When I went to Mylene's house, I told the story about Violeta, and Mylene laughed hard.
  • "She deserves it, right?" She said. Holding her tummy while laughing.
  • "Yeah. That is why I brought my dress for tonight, my notebooks and Manila paper for our reports, etc. She wants me to be the maid of the house like before. At that time I was small and wants to please her and my father. don't understand that much. ut now I understand because I am big now. She just wasting my kindness before." I said sadly.
  • "Oh, let's change the topic. Let's not ruin your mood because of your wicked stepmother. She is not worthy of your energy." Mylene said and she is right.