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Chapter 34 Candle-Lit Dinner

  • She felt a weight on her thigh and an arm wrapping her waist. She furrowed her brows and slowly opened her eyes. She felt pain in her whole body, especially in her private parts. She moved to look at the man on her back slowly even though the pain between her thighs was intense.
  • "Ah, ouch!" She painfully said. Lean woke up by her sound and movement. 
  • "Hey," he said with a husky and sexy voice. Looking at her. She then remembered what happened last night. 
  • "Good morning, love." And Leandro kissed her at the tip of her nose.
  • "Don't move if it hurts," Leandro whispered to her. The pain was registered on her face. She swallowed her saliva. Last night was a beautiful night with Leandro.
  • "H-help me then to go to the bathroom, please. I need to pee." She said.
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