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Chapter 19 My First RealKiss!

  • When I got home I saw my father, seems to wait for me on the patio.
  • "Hey, Dad. You're still out at night. It's foggy, Dad. You might catch a cold. " I said as I kiss him on his cheek.
  • I'm waiting for you here. Let's talk here, will you?" My father asked. Though I have an idea why he wants to talk to me I pretend innocently.
  • "Sure, Dad. What is it all about?" I asked.
  • "Violeta came to the office this afternoon. And she said that she saw you at Dino's Diner with Mylene and a guy, I guess, it's Lean. Am I right?" My father asked
  • "Yes, Dad. It's Lean. And she indeed saw me at Dino's Diner. So how about it?" I asked.
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