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Chapter 16 You Are My Girl Now

  • "I-I thought you are a...a gentleman and..and I am safe with you. But, but you stole my first kiss! How could you?!" I whispered and sniffed. My tears wanna fall.
  • "Yeah. I am a gentleman but you avoiding me. I feel that you will reject me again for the second time. And I can't bear it anymore." He said in his low voice. I was stunned.
  • "I love you, Elaida. I want to court you in your house but you don't want to." He confessed. I blink.
  • "I-I...w-why me?" I uttered.
  • "Why you? Because my heart tells me so." He said. He snakes his arm to my waist. My heartbeat erratically as I put my hands to his chest to avoid my body touching his body as he pulled me closer to him.
  • "W-what are you doing?" I anxiously asked him.
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