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Chapter 97 She Is Just A Delusional Woman

  • The police officers glanced at Yvette in unison. As if she had stepped on a land mine, Yvette jumped up from the sofa and yelled at me, “Jennifer, stop pretending! You say you’re Lucian’s wife? Who can attest to that?”
  • The officers had already stepped forward but suddenly stopped in their tracks to look at me with doubtful expressions.
  • I smiled and told them to give me a moment before going upstairs to grab our marriage certificate.
  • Once I had cleared the officers of their doubts, they nodded at me respectfully and turned to Yvette with stern looks on their faces. The female police officer went over to jerk Yvette forward. “Ma’am, please leave immediately. Mrs. Sutton doesn’t welcome you here.”
  • Although the male officer didn’t touch Yvette, he spoke to her in a serious tone, “If you refuse to leave, we have the right to arrest you!”
  • “Arrest me? Do you know who I am?” Yvette smirked and pointed at me. “She’s not Lucian’s wife. She’s a fake who’s only playing along with Lucian.”
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