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Chapter 88 Stop

  • Since I could only get a flight tomorrow, and still had not resigned, I hailed a cab and headed to Dragon Hotel. Dragon Hotel was decorated to the nines. It clearly catered to high-class society. When I pushed past the door, I saw a small fountain. The gleaming floors were almost reflective.
  • I took the elevator up to the third floor where there were only suites. The outside area could be used for business discussions while the inner area was for resting. I entered one of the rooms and came face to face with Mae, who was with the portly Jacob.
  • They were seated at a round table and it looked as though they had consumed a significant amount of alcohol. They were leaning against each other in a drunken stupor. The meeting had probably ended. The dishes on the table had been partially eaten, but all the guests had taken their leave.
  • “Hello, Mr. Chandler, Ms. Byard. Did you bring my internship contract with you? I want to quit and I’m willing to pay the penalty fee.” I greeted them cheerfully.
  • I fished out the five thousand that I had prepared and was about to hand it to Jacob. Unexpectedly, he waved me away dismissively and pointed at the seat next to him. “Let’s not talk about the money for now, Ms. Quinn. Sit and have a drink.”
  • I paused. Mae planted her hands on the table and shakily pushed herself up. She smiled broadly at me. “Mr. Chandler told you to sit. So sit.”
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