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Chapter 84 Interesting Encounter Of Steven

  • Everything that had just happened felt incredible to me. I found it hard to believe that Steven was now an associate of Gale Properties’ vice-chairman.
  • That being said, the way Harvey looked at me earlier seemed odd. Right then, Steven turned to smile at me. “Jennifer, did you see that? Their vice-chairman knows me.”
  • I could not help but ask, “But, do you know him?”
  • Awkwardness flashed past Steven’s face before he quickly clapped his hands as though he just realized something. “I just remembered that he’s my uncle abroad. That’s right. When I came here for college, my mom told me to look for him if I have any trouble. I was too used to living alone that I had forgotten all about this. Haha! If it weren’t for him recognizing me today, I wouldn’t have remembered about this.”
  • I couldn’t tell if Steven was lying to me or not. However, this had nothing to do with me, so I pushed the questions I had to the back of my mind.
  • “Steven, do you really know our vice-chairman?” Irene walked over with a smile and shyly tugged at his arm. “Why didn’t you tell me you have such an amazing uncle when we were dating in college?”
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