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Chapter 79 The Old Jennifer Is Dead

  • Steven led me to a residential area where most of the buildings looked to be built in the eighties. The rent was indeed cheap, so I never thought that Steven would still need to share his rent with someone else. Around seven to eight young people were living in a house. In the house, pots and pans were everywhere, and they hung laundry at every possible corner.
  • A guest bedroom was separated into three smaller rooms with wooden boards as the partition. Steven’s room was the one in the middle. He opened the room by the side and turned to say to me, “There isn’t anyone living here yet. You can stay here first, and I’ll tell the landlord about the rent.”
  • I gave him a bitter smile as I shook my head. “I don’t think I want to stay here.”
  • The place was too messy, and there was no privacy at all. I even spotted a young couple yawning as they walked out of another small room. I was sure that if I slept here, I would hear all sorts of noise at night. A place like this would drive me mad.
  • A wary look appeared in Steven’s eyes. “You’re planning to leave?”
  • After all, I owed him a sum of money. If I refused to give him the money for his phone, he would not let me leave. However, he had misunderstood me. I truly wanted to bid farewell to the life I used to have. Living here seemed like a good enough plan until I can come up with my next course of action. That being said, I would prefer to rent a unit to live by myself around the area instead.
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