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Chapter 62 I Need A Reason

  • Lucian didn’t return home tonight. I curled up on the sofa and switched on the television. Although the television was broadcasting the most popular reality show, I wasn’t paying attention.
  • Only after staying up until midnight, I felt sleepy. However, there went my plan of sleeping when a loud thunder roared across the sky as it rained cats and dogs.
  • I had always been afraid of this type of weather, especially when bolts of lightning flashed outside the windows. It always seemed like some beasts were going to charge into the house and kill me. Fear soon swallowed me, and I was quivering while covering my ears, trying to ignore the roars of thunder and flashes of lightning.
  • Although the temperature in my bedroom was neither too hot nor too cold, it was freezing to me and my body trembling nonstop. When I was in fear, I recalled that rainy day when Lucian was by my side, hugging me tightly to comfort me. The warm memories made me feel lonely while my fear grew, so I scurried to my bed, burying myself into the blankets.
  • Even though I buried my head into my arms, it was no use in calming myself. My body kept on trembling and I screamed when the thunder got louder.
  • Suddenly, my phone rang. I took out my phone with my shaking hands and saw Lucian’s number on the screen. I froze on the spot because I didn’t feel like answering it, but the fear in my heart exacerbated when the window panels shook from the impact of thunder roars. With that, I took the call.
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