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Chapter 47 I Do Not Know Lucian Sutton At All

  • Howard seemed to be familiar with this hotel because he brought me to the back door. We came into a neighborhood after we exited the backdoor of the hotel. Howard didn’t check up on Shannon but immediately hailed a cab to leave the place with me.
  • He felt that bringing me back to Shannon’s house would be equal to delivering himself right into Lucian’s hands. Therefore, he gave the cab driver an address and asked him to drive us to an out-of-town to a deserted construction site.
  • He was probably the contractor of this project, which was halted due to funding issues. The foundations were built, yet there was not a single worker here.
  • After carrying me into an office, he threw me on the floor and began to look for something.
  • After getting some identity documents, he hesitantly removed my face mask and tape. Suddenly, his expression changed totally as he said gently, “Jennifer, I must leave this place now. Will you leave with me? We can start over after that.”
  • I sneered, “Dream on, Howard!”
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