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Chapter 31 A Hard Slap From Lucian

  • “Get out of the way!” I snapped as I slapped his hand away.
  • “Why are you touching my boyfriend?” Felicia marched forward and pushed me away. Then, she glanced back at her boyfriend as she rubbed his hand frantically. “Taylor, are you alright?”
  • Taylor nodded his head with a smile as he strutted toward me. “You’re pretty tough, little lady. You’ve injured my hand. You’ll either have to get a drink with me at the bar or I’m going to have to ask you for reimbursement.”
  • At Taylor’s obvious innuendo, Felicia eyed him grudgingly for few moments before laughing sarcastically. “You wouldn’t want to bother yourself arguing with the likes of her, Taylor. She’s a nobody. It’s going to be a waste of money to treat her to a drink.”
  • Taylor was still ogling at me and it made me feel sick.
  • He turned to look at Felicia and uttered, “Babe, since you’re acquainted with this woman, there’s no harm in buying her a few drinks. I’m rich, anyway.”
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