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Chapter 24 His Inviolable Dignity

  • After asking for my address, Justin drove me to my little villa. He noticed that I did not feel like talking, so he decided not to ask me anything. Only when I was about to get out of the car did he say, “Have a good rest, Ms. Quinn.”
  • I nodded in response before getting out, and I noticed that Isabelle and Shannon were waiting for me when I reached my driveway.
  • Isabelle gestured to Shannon as soon as she saw me, and Shannon approached me with pitiful eyes. “Jenny, I was wrong. Please forgive me and don’t resign.”
  • “Please, Jennifer. Look how sorry Shannon is.” Isabelle smiled and walked over too.
  • I could tell that they were desperate to work with Justin because they had been waiting for me at my home.
  • Shannon seemed to glance at something behind me before suddenly falling to her knees to beg, “Please don’t resign, Jenny! This project is too important for our company, and I’ve worked really hard for it, so please have Mr. Gale collaborate with us.”
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