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Chapter 139 I Will Get Back What Yvette Owes Me

  • “Adriana, Jennifer hit me.” Yvette looked at Adriana with tearful eyes. She even showed Adriana her covered cheek.
  • “That’s right. I hit you!” I slapped her again. It was not enough. She had owed Serena and me too much. Until now, Serena was still in the hospital.
  • Yvette was dumbfounded as she stared at me in disbelief. She never thought I dared to hit her in front of Adriana.
  • “Jennifer, what are you doing?” Adriana shrieked as she lunged toward me.
  • I expected it, so I nimbly dodged it. At the same time, I said to Lucian, “Lucian, help me stop your mother. I’m going to get back what Yvette owes me.”
  • Lucian hesitated for a moment, for he did not know what happened. I must seem like a lunatic to him.
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