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Chapter 135 The Director Of Sutton Group

  • “Yoanna, watch your mouth.” Gunner walked over, glaring at his daughter as he lowered his voice. “Half of the guests present are the workers at our company. If this spreads, how do you expect me to continue my work at the company?”
  • Pouting, Yoanna snorted before she then turned to stare at me and Serena. “Get lost, the both of you! We don’t need you here anymore.”
  • I pulled Serena and was ready to leave but Eugene quickly waved his hand at me and turned around to speak with Gunner, saying, “Duncan, your daughter should really change her temper and attitude. How could she chase an honorable guest out?”
  • Gunner was baffled. “An honorable guest?”
  • With a laugh, Eugene soon pointed at me as he asked, “Duncan, do you know who she is?”
  • Gunner shook his head and there was visible confusion in his gaze. His daughter snorted again as she countered, “How is she an honorable guest of ours? Isn’t she just a flat, broke ex-classmate of Franklin?”
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