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Chapter 132 Sugar Daddy

  • Upon seeing them arrest Mr. Luciano, the fat police officer was absolutely terrified. Stuttering, he tried to make excuses for himself, but it was to no avail. Not only did he get arrested too, rather, but he would also be charged for his other offenses should any evidence be found during the investigations.
  • To top it off, the fashion boutique owned by Mr. Luciano was suspended.
  • After the team of police officers left the scene, Serena and I made our way down the streets. “Serena, why haven’t you told Franklin about it? About being harassed by Mr. Luciano,” I asked.
  • Franklin was Serena’s boyfriend from her college days. I remembered that the two of them had wanted to get married back then, and had even left for the same city to hunt for job opportunities after graduation.
  • Serena sighed. “We’ve already broken up,” she replied softly.
  • I was a little taken aback. “What? When did that happen? From what I remember, he was nothing short of husband material!”
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