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Chapter 129 A Steamy Time In His Office

  • “Get out! And shut it. There’s no need for you to act all concerned now!” Lucian’s face was shrouded in gloom. He had always been like this, acting all calm and collected in front of others before he vented out his true emotions on me.
  • Though his tone was far from nice, I was not too mad at him. A part of me took comfort in knowing that he was willing to show me his true self.
  • “Lucian, I’m only trying to help,” I explained.
  • “Oh really? Unfortunately, I don’t need it.” As he stood up and made his way to the door, he smiled wryly at me and professed, “Yvette is still waiting for me.”
  • I was speechless. Stomping a foot on the floor, I grumbled, “Hmph. I guess that you deserve to get your company taken away. You’ll have even more free time to spend with Yvette in the future because John’s subordinates will handle all of your work! Do enjoy yourself!”
  • Lucian froze in his steps. Before I could react, he locked the office doors and walked toward me, his eyes like those of an angry animal.
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