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Chapter 127 The Second Director Of The Company

  • After taking a look at the documents again, Mr. Sanchez announced, “After careful deliberation, my client, Jack Sutton, has made the decision to transfer five percent of his shares to Ms. Quinn, making her the second director of the company.”
  • All of the people in the room gasped upon hearing that. “Who is she? I’ve never heard of a Ms. Quinn?”
  • Lucian, John, and Morgan also turned to look at me, their surprise evident in their faces. After a moment of silence, John, who seemed to have suddenly thought of something, smiled at me. “Congratulations,” he uttered softly.
  • To be completely honest, I was feeling somewhat shaken. After all, Sutton Group was a large, multibillion corporation. The five percent of shares that I had just attained carried substantial value.
  • Furthermore, Jack Sutton had been the only director of the company since its humble beginnings and he owned all of the shares. By transferring five percent of his shares to me, I would officially become a director of the company too.
  • As John, Lucian, and their father recovered from their initial shock, they quickly shifted their gazes back to Mr. Sanchez. They were a little anxious about how the remaining ninety-five percent of shares would be distributed amongst them.
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