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Chapter 125 Making A Joke Out Of The Sutton Family

  • I took a closer look at his phone before my brows knitted deeply. It was a photo of a bar. The angle it had been taken from showed that I was about to kiss the cheek of a bald man. Whoever took the photo was very cunning and manipulative. The truth was that the bald man had wanted me to kiss him, but I had done my best to keep my innocence in the matter. The only reason I got so close to him was so I could sink my teeth into his ear. In fact, I had come really close to biting off his ear.
  • When Adriana noticed how strange Morgan’s expression was, she snatched the phone from his hand. Then, she let out a horrified shriek before ranting at me, “You disgusting, shameless woman! How could you be so intimate with a man who’s not your own husband! Oh, you’ve really humiliated the Sutton family!”
  • “That’s not what happened! The photographer took this from a bad angle. That man was actually trying to sexually harass me. I was just using the opportunity to get closer to his ear so I could bite it!”
  • All I got in return for my honest explanation was more furious screaming, “Jennifer, how could you even come up with such a preposterous excuse! Have you no shame at all!”
  • Morgan added lowly, “I think it’s time to have Lucian and Jennifer divorce. Otherwise, if this photo gets out, the Sutton family will become the laughingstock of the entire world!”
  • At that moment, Yvette returned with a bottle of water in hand. Noting the tension in the air, she asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”
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