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Chapter 119 Not Looking Good

  • Lucian picked up the contradiction in my words and with a look of disappointment, he huffed, “Unbelievable!”
  • I almost got assaulted last night because of him and this is what I get in return!
  • Lucian was putting on his clothes while calling Yvette — he wanted to know what happened last night.
  • I could clearly hear Yvette wailing through the phone and in between her tears she choked out, “I saw that you were drunk last night, Lucian. Therefore, I asked Jennifer to send you home. But who would’ve thought that she just came up to me and started hitting me! She even went as far as to say she would break my legs! I count myself fortunate to be able to get away in time.”
  • Yvette’s words made me tremble with rage. Not only did she twist the truth, but she also even took the chance to frame me! The truth was, she was scared away by those hoodlums — especially the one bald guy who forced her to kiss him.
  • Maybe she thought the truth was too embarrassing, so she said I was the one who scared her off. What a schemer!
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