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Chapter 106 Did You Not Learn Stock Analysis

  • Making hundreds of thousands of money in such a short time would make anyone go crazy. Adriana said excitedly, “You’re really something else, Yvette! I really need to properly thank you one day.”
  • Yvette shook her head shyly before she shot daggers at me. “What else do you want to say, Jennifer? Are you afraid that we will make money?”
  • Adriana looked at me, her face clouding over.
  • Smiling bitterly, I was at a loss of explanation and could only say hesitantly, “Well, withdraw your money quickly then since you’ve made money.”
  • But my words simply drew more ridicule from them. Adriana waved me off. Left with no choice, I could only sit on the chair in the back and watch the skyrocketing stock price of Summit Technologies on the LCD screen while praying that my judgment was wrong, and that there was no problem with the stock.
  • The crowd in the hall was in a frenzy, as almost all of them were buying the stock. Living up to its expectations, the stock rose several times more and even seemed like it was about to hit limit-up.
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