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Chapter 5 You Asked for This, Woman

  • Finally, the car came to a stop on the beach. Yoel immediately bolted out of the car and locked the car doors with a click. Pushing himself to the fastest he’d ever moved in his life, he vanished in the blink of an eye.
  • In the car, the man’s clothes were in disarray. His stoic face remained cold, but beads of sweat trickled down his cheeks from his forehead, rendering him indescribably bewitching! He grasped her petite hands tightly with his sweaty palms, his voice gruff as he said, “Arielle Grace, do you know what you’re doing right now?”
  • “I…” Arielle shook her head, nothing registering to her.
  • Ziven’s eyes narrowed. “Do you know who I am?” Never had I expected such a day when I end up losing control because of a slip of a girl! Nevertheless, I want her to know clearly who the man in front of her is at this moment!
  • Panting, Arielle’s glazed eyes alighted on his face. Who is he? He’s… “You’re… Ziven Meyer.”
  • “Excellent!” Ziven released his hold on her at long last. Raising his long and slender fingers, he elegantly unbuttoned his shirt.
  • This was the first time he’d ever taken off his shirt voluntarily before Arielle, both in her previous and present life, so she almost fell into a trance at the sight. I’ve long since known that he’s enchanting, but not only is he enchanting right now, but also bewitching! However, the look in his eyes is terrifying…
  • The forbearance and calmness in his serenely indifferent eyes gradually melted away, to be replaced by a hauntingly savage gleam. This was the true Ziven Meyer! Nonchalance and finesse were merely his disguises, for what truly flowed in his veins was a wolf’s feral savagery.
  • All at once, Arielle was scared witless at the predatory ferocity in his eyes, and the fire within her actually dissipated by half. She couldn’t help shuddering as she instinctively backed away. “I—”
  • “Why are you retreating? Weren’t you eager earlier?” Ziven yanked her to him.
  • Gasping, Arielle reflexively pushed against him with both hands, but the heat that traveled up her hands was even hotter than the fire within her. “I… I’m fine now.” This man before me is dangerous and terrifying, making it apparent that he’s the kind of person I’ll never be able to escape once I get involved with him. Oh God, he’s Ziven Meyer! What was wrong with me earlier that I actively provoked him?
  • She was still burning up, but her awareness was piercingly clear from the chilling fear he struck into her. Images of her past life flashed across her mind, and she couldn’t help trembling. This man is definitely not someone I can provoke! Why am I still here with him?
  • “You provoked my self-control, yet you’re now saying no?” The ominous aura in the man’s eyes intensified at once, and his long fingers rested on her chin before he lifted her petite face. “Little girl, you want to play me for a fool? Hmm?”
  • “T-That’s not it…” Struggling apprehensively, Arielle wanted to push him away, but she didn’t have any energy left with her. “I’m sorry. Ziven Meyer, I… Let me go…” She was panicking and wanted to flee, but she wasn’t his match.
  • “How duplicitous!” Ziven’s eyes darkened. “You asked for this, woman!”