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Chapter 13 This Man Is Too Shrewd

  • Ziven simply flung his damp shirt aside. Then, he reached out and started unfastening the diamond-encrusted belt at his waist.
  • “What exactly are you doing?” Accidentally catching a glimpse of his well-defined pectorals, Arielle’s breathing abruptly sped up. She hastily retracted her gaze, not daring to look at his handsome countenance that had her wanting to throw herself at him as he stripped.
  • “I’m really sorry, Young Master Ziven. I’ll accept any punishment you dole out, but I know you don’t really want to be engaged to me.” He doesn’t have the slightest affection for me, so I really have no idea how he had his wires crossed tonight that he actually did the deed with me. But it’s clear as day that all this is merely an accidental mistake. “As for Mrs. Natasha, I’ll visit her personally and apologize. I promise that I’ll convince her that this has nothing to do with you.”
  • “So?” Ziven threw his belt onto his shirt before whirling around and staring right into her eyes. “You still want to break off the engagement?”
  • “No, that’s not it.” Arielle understood that it’d be a humiliation for a proud man like Ziven if he were to be rejected by a woman. “Young Master Ziven, I just don’t want you to be caught in a difficult position. After all, we’re not at all suited—”
  • “I think,” Ziven interrupted as he calmly headed to the bathroom, “we’re rather suited, be it in terms of size or rhythm.” Then, the bathroom door slammed shut, and the sound of running water promptly drifted out.
  • Arielle was stunned for a whole three minutes before she finally realized what his remark earlier meant. Size and rhythm… F*ck! Did the aloof and noble Young Master Ziven truly say that? Why is he entirely different from the Young Master Ziven I imagined? Her petite face flushed bright red. I simply can’t believe that he actually uttered a lewd remark!
  • Trepidation flooded her. Should I seize this opportunity to slip away while he takes a shower? But I don’t know whether his men are outside. If I were to fail and end up being dragged back instead, things might end badly for me. What should I do? Should I make a run for it?
  • After wavering for an indeterminate time, a knock suddenly sounded on the room door. It was Yoel who came with Ziven’s clothes. Her face crumpled, Arielle bemoaned, “Yoel, I know I was in the wrong tonight, but what exactly is your Young Master Ziven trying to do?” She loathed guessing someone else’s thoughts, especially such an unfathomable man like Ziven.
  • Yoel was rather surprised at her overly familiar demeanor. We’ve only seen each other twice, yet she’s acting as though we’ve known each other for a long time. Nonetheless, he suppressed his astonishment and replied respectfully, “Soon-to-be Young Mistress Meyer, Young Master Ziven is merely afraid that you’ll be lonely, so he specially came over to keep you company.” If the engagement party hadn’t been called off because of that incident, Young Mistress Meyer would probably be staying in Meyer Residence now. Furthermore, Young Master Ziven and her had only… gotten together tonight, so isn’t it normal to have a repeat of it?
  • But honestly speaking, I’m not quite sure why Young Master Ziven came to Grace Mansion after flying off his handle… After all, it’s no easy task to decipher the boss’ thoughts! “Do take care of Young Master Ziven, Young Mistress Meyer. And please excuse me,” he murmured.
  • “Yoel—”
  • “Oh yes, Young Mistress Meyer, Young Master Ziven said that if you want to do a runner again tonight, tomorrow, all major online platforms in Baylin will be broadcasting the… well, the intimate recording of you both!”
  • “What did you just say?” Taken aback, Ariella’s hands instantly went cold.
  • “I forgot to tell you, Young Mistress Meyer, that there’s a fully functional dashcam in Young Master Ziven’s car. While there isn’t a video, the audio quality is superb.”
  • Superb, my *ss! Arielle almost cursed aloud. Is this a threat? I was indeed planning to run away from home tonight, but this shrewd man even thought this far ahead!
  • “Please excuse me, Young Mistress Meyer. Do rest earlier with Young Master Ziven.” Waving a hand and leaving her a friendly gesture of goodbye, Yoel then closed the door for them.
  • While Arielle was still stewing in rage, a click sounded behind her, and the bathroom door swung open.