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Chapter 8 The Future

  • "Aww... you're so cute, I haven't laughed this much in so many years." Her smile framed her freckled cheeks beautifully. She pulled some kind of lever switching it back and forth then the thing move, it rolled a bit too fast for my liking.
  • "Erm...maybe we should slow down a bit..." I said lowly at her, while my hands still firmly gripping the seat, but she let the lever go and put her hand over mine.
  • "Trust me... just sit back and try to relax, okay? why don't you just enjoy the view?" she smiled and looked at me for a couple of seconds before her eyes were back on the road. The many of this car thing passing by all shapes and sizes. This is very dangerous, how do they know who goes first. My eyes were looking everywhere, gazing at the surroundings so many structures. I was amazed by the tall one that looked like towers, but bigger and covered in glass. How could they withstand the weight? People were coming in and out of there...but how? 
  • "It's an office building, people work there...and next to it is the apartment complex, where people live. It's a modern...the future way of living." She explained when she sees me looking at the structures. Then she made the car thing stop in front of a box.
  • "And now, we get our food..." she said, but then put her finger to her lips signaling me to be quiet. 
  • "Yes, I would like two double beef cheeseburger, a fried chicken pack of six and four french fries, and two large colas..." she talked to the box, then it replies back to her with a female voice. 
  • But the box was so small, what kind of magic is this? 
  • Then she made the car move to another window, while she tells me to get her brown bag from the back seat. She took out a funny looking pouch and retrieved numbered paper then gives it to the lady, who was using a funny looking headpiece.
  • The future is weird...
  • But I was definitely surprised when the window lady gives us bags of food. My stomach let out a growl, which made Shani laugh again. Then, she gave me the paper glass. I watched and mimic her and drink it just like her, but I coughed as the drink stings my senses and it was too damn cold making my head hurt.
  • "Shani...what kind of drink is this?" I asked as she starts to move the car away from the window and stop at a vacant land.  
  • "It's cola, basically sugar water with soda that feels bubbly in your mouth, you need to drink it slowly..." she smiled at me
  • ", since you're hungry we'll eat here...I'm not confident enough to bring you out to the general public just yet..." she nodded to my cloak, saying she needs to alter my appearance and get me settled in...I didn't hear the rest as she starts opening the bags, and the smell hits me instantly.
  • There was bread, chicken, and what she said to be a potato. I hummed in appreciation, telling Shani that the lady at the window is a real good cook. She choked on her drink and laughed again. 
  • I didn't realize that I was truly famished until we were done eating.
  • We finally reached her place just before the sun sets in. She lived just on the outskirts of what she called a town. The air was lighter, fresher in her area. I was liking it already.
  • "Come on, let's get you settled in." She sighed as she parked the car. I help her with her bags, while she opened the door for us.
  • I've been here before when I first met her, but now it felt different. Now, I could actually smell the air around us and have an actual feel about the place. It was nice, I liked it.
  • "Here, I borrowed some clothes from Walter until we order some in your size. We can take a look and order them tonight. You can take a shower now, come..." she ushered me to a washroom and show me all the functions, I was still amazed when she left me to clean myself.
  • I found her in the kitchen brewing a very delicious drink, that latter she calls coffee. I was liking the bitter taste of it, she showed me several ways of drinking it but I settled on black with half a spoon of sugar. While she took hers with milk and two a spoonful of sugar.
  • "Thank you for today..." I finally gave in and move closer to her after seeing her attire, it was the same one from our last meet just in the different shade of color. My borrowed pants were being tested, as my lower region stretched them further. 
  • "Ermm....yeah, no worries..." she was getting tense when I step a little closer to her. She moved back and halted when she bumps her back to the counter. Her breath hitched up, realizing that I had her where I wanted to.
  • "Arkael..." she breathed out her words, her lips parted making me clenched my jaw.
  • "Shhh....let me...thank you...properly..." My hand reached to her hair, caressing her then trailing down to her cheek.
  • I lowered myself down and slowly touch her lips with mine, I was really trying my hardest to keep myself in control. While she was tempting me with the maiden that has never been touch look.
  • My hand slithered to her graceful neckline, my thumb caressed her throat while my lips hover above her jawline, then down to her other side of the neck. She was shivering under my touches. I could feel her dainty hands rest against my chest, I let out a low groan at her innocent touch alone.
  • Goddamn it...
  • "My beautiful Shani..." my lips finally touched the cove of her neck, she gasped but relent while her hand crept up to my back pulling me closer to her.
  • Holly hell...
  • My other hand snaked from her waist up to her ribs, slowly touching the underside of her breast. She squirmed and opened her mouth in surprise, and that was when I kiss her deep and passionately. She didn't resist me, as my tongue tasted hers. The inexperience was shown, but she was a fast learner as she imitates my moves. We were panting hard seconds later, then break for much-needed air when our kissing sessions were getting heavy.
  • "Thank you...." I said to her, while my forehead touched hers. Her breathing was uneven, her hands that were still on my back were slowly going down to her sides.
  • " worries...well, I'm going to rest...I need my bed. I'm so tired today." She moved slowly away from me, but I follow her back to her room.
  • "You can sleep on the sofa outside..." she said when she noticed me following her to the bedroom.
  • "I am your mate, you will accept me. It's your fate, but I will wait for you. I won't touch you until you gave me your permission." I kissed her softly until she sighed in my arms and finally nodded. I picked her up and carry her to her bedside and tucked her in, while I go to my side and lay with her.