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Chapter 33 Forgiveness

  • She joined me to the bed taking both of the nymphs with her. Then she let Sabina get on top of me and touch my temple, while Muriel was behind her giving small kisses to her shoulder. It was like Muriel was giving her the support that she needed.
  • Then it hit me, the first wave of her sadness. I know that Sabina had the power to absorbs other being's inner feelings. But I didn't know that she could release the feeling back onto others. 
  • The desperation, the broken heart, the helplessness, the deep sadness, and eventually the unwillingness to live without me. My heart breaks for her and I finally shed a tear. 
  • Shani moved closer to me then kiss my tear away. "I love you, my king, always." She kissed me softly for the longest time. I could feel Sabina getting up, then Muriel joined her. Both of them slowly walked away from the bed, and finally, leave us alone. 
  • We were both engulfed with the feelings that we have for each other. I could feel the air was buzzing with a higher density, and it was making our kisses more intense until she finally told me.
  • "Love me, my king, love me hard, abuse my body as you had abused my feelings. I need you, I need to feel your love..." she was teary and was looking away from me.
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