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Chapter 32 Angry Queen

  • She was really angry with me, she had spent her mornings and afternoons these past two days with Maven with an excuse that she needs to get everything done and let me heal.
  • She would cuddle up with me at the end of the day giving me her strength, but I could tell that she was not giving her all.
  • "Your healing process is going too slow my king." Maven said as he was checking my back injury.
  • "You think?! she done yet with those demons? I really need to settle this back on earth. She's not being herself here."
  • I was upset with Maven, obviously for putting me in the position. I understand that it was needed but it was still irritating for me.
  • It was hours later when I finally had the extra patience to deal with her. I didn't want both of us to snap when we argue, I know exactly how she could be very passionate about her arguments. I needed to be calm and settle this once and for all.
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