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Chapter 20 Prepped for the king

  • Shani's POV
  • They didn't leave me when we reached Arkael's chamber. It was a big room just like the one before. But this one had more dark brown colors decorating its surrounding. While the previous one was mostly were red and gold.
  • I was about to thank them and calm myself down as I wait for Arkael when Sabina and Muriel came to me and started kissing me. They were picking up where we left off at Ranulf's chamber.
  • I started to moan in between their kisses and caresses. This is so wrong in so many ways, I should really stop.
  • Muriel slid her hand to my front, and slowly trace down further between my legs, I know I was soaking already. "Muriel, please... I can't..." But my resistance came out more like a plea. And I was sandwiched between the two nymphs.
  • "It's alright my queen, just let us pleasure you. We will prepare you for King Arkael's return." Sabina said seductively, my head was too clouded by a desire to process what she just said. But I was naked and laying down on the bed moments later.
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