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Chapter 15 The Scenery

  • The next morning we dropped off Florence to her old house, Shani said that she needed some alone time from Walter. She was a little worried about Florence, so she accompanied her into the house and put some protection for her against evil spirits.
  • She must very good at what she does since she always has people coming to the house. And from the looks of them, these were nice people.
  • But then the thought of her ability took me back to last night when Florence had a vision that I would be going back to hell. I was sitting in her car thing, and which was making me more uncomfortable.
  • Luckily she was out the door minutes later. Then she was saying her goodbye and headed back to the car.
  • "I'm sorry if it took a while, but I needed to make sure she's safe, or Walt will have my ass." She said while putting he car thing in motion.
  • "Why? You are mine...meaning your behind is also mine." I said while looking at her a bit confused, mad, jealous, all at the same time.
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