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Chapter 13 The V

  • The next couple of days she was back to her clients, while I was busying myself with her back garden. I insisted that young Lionel was no longer welcome and that I would do his work.
  • It had been hundreds of years since I had done labor work. The repetition of the work was calming me down, I was sitting down on her garden while taking a break. I took the knife that I had taken from the shed before, and start carving onto the log. I used to do this when I was still a kid, my hands were remembering the techniques. I was smiling, when I was finding the simple pleasure of carving the log.
  • It was not until she brought me some water hours later when I realize that I had been carving for hours and it was noon already.
  • "My god Arkael...this is beautiful. I didn't know you could sculpt, and you did this with just one knife?" She was circling the log in awe.
  • It was still raw and unfinished but the form was visible. A dragon, King Eustace's favorite pet.
  • "You know people would pay for this kind of artwork."
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