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Chapter 56: Memories

  • When Sarah's eyes fluttered open, the headache that hit her full dose was the first to make her wince and then the realization that she had been drunk whole night yesterday was the second. Firstly, she took a breather then rolled over unto her stomach and propped herself up on one hand while the other pressed against the top of her aching head. Her eyelids were pressed closely together, each twitch a sign of the ravaging headache she was experiencing. This had happened last time and that alone should've been enough to stop her from doing it again, but it seems it'd have to take more than that....sadly. Now, as consequence, she'd have to face Damon Kalesto...the BIG, BAD AND GRUMPY Damon to be precise. Perhaps, he'll even go as far as ignoring her for the whole day!
  • Hopefully, it doesn't get to that.
  • In the interim, Damon was standing behind the door well aware of the pain she was currently feeling...mostly because he too was also feeling the same aftermath of drunkenness. He had done a few, no a lot of embarrassing things last night, things that if it were to be disclosed to his subjects, their respect would definitely decline. But something was more important and bothersome than even all his subjects combined, something that made his arms tense by his side and his mind fill with anticipation. He was anxious, more anxious than he had ever been in his entire life.
  • For what, you ask? Well for one, he had done something unimaginable. Maybe even unimaginable wasn't a good enough fit for what he had done. Terrible, awful, was he supposed to put it into words? He wasn't sure, but he knew that he couldn't take it back, all he could do now was to set things straight...well try to atleast. The thought of it alone made his mind scream 'impossible and blasphemous'....a King apologizing? And not just any King, an Alpha King?.....he still got chills even from thinking about it. But as consequence, he'd have to face Sarah and drag an apology out of his mouth whether he liked it or not.
  • And so with both parties terrorized by the thought of merely spotting eachother, they went for the door while taking baby steps that was paved with nothing but hesitance and anticipation. Sarah was the bravest of the two, as she was the first to grab the door handle and with a deep breath she pulled, coming face to face with Damon.
  • Sarah wasn't prepared, not for the hard long glare she was surely going to receive nor the explosives he was going to throw her way, but to her surprise, she didn't get to experience such an unfavourable situation. Damon's eyes weren't pinning her down with anger, instead it was filled with something, something that she didn't quite understand. And neither could she understand what the heck was going on when he flinched, literally flinched at the sight of her!
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