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Chapter 49: Damon going for the kill

  • "D-Damon?" The simultaneous call of his name made his body begin to itch. Before him there were two of which was still knocking at his heart...while the other had slipped into his heart and reeked havoc.
  • 'How is she standing there alive and well?'
  • That was the first question he asked himself. And his first solution was...hallucination. Just like that time at the mall, this could be nothing except that. But the harder he thought, the more implausible that sounded. It'd been years since he had beaten himself up about her betrayal and as such, it'd been years since he experienced hallucinations. This woman could be no one but her, skin and bones. But what his mind could not possibly explain, was her change in scent. She didn't have the scent of a werewolf, this was the scent of a human, a regular human. That could only mean her wolf counterpart had perished...But how? And was that the reason why he couldn't locate her all these years?
  • No, how and why didn't matter. He shouldn't care about her wolf nor her. What he should care about though, was the fact that she was standing in front of him....awaiting something that only he had the permission to give her....DEATH! She should know that betrayal could only mean death, yet she dared to show up here. She was asking to be killed.....and he'd definitely grant her that wish.
  • While Damon slowly caved into rage, Sarah was busy staring down at her feet. She didn't want to see it...the look on Damon's face that is. She was sure that he was undergoing an inner turmoil right now, meaning...he was torn between the two. It was either her or Katie. And from the looks of it, even she could tell what the answer was. Beautiful face, voluptuous body and a strong aura to match his own....She didn't have all that, Katie did. The outcome of this dreadful encounter couldn't be any clearer.
  • That painful conclusion made her head feel as if it was deteriorating. Her thoughts were taking such a dangerous course that she even began to imagine what would've happened if he had caught her that day at the mall when he ran after her. Maybe they wouldn't have gotten this far because he'd probably already be swayed by the mere sight of her.
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