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Married Without Love

Married Without Love

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Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • “I wished you guys would stop talking about this” Cyrus said with his hands raised high to it's peak.
  • “Your mother and I, we're getting old and in order to take over the company you ought to be married” His father said with his right hand raised over his wife's shoulders. They both sat on the couch.
  • “That's not right” Cyrus replied with a big frown on his face.
  • “Tell me what's right?” His mother asked as she wore her glasses staring him down to his toes and up to his curly hairs on his head.
  • “What's right is getting married on my own will and not the will of my parents” Cyrus said in a mild tone.
  • “To me it's definitely right. What would the world say when that idiotic and greedy assistant of your father takes over something he never worked for” His mother replied.
  • “It's Dad's business to handle and not mine” Cyrus said with a little degree of boldness.
  • “It's yours and it became your responsibility since you're the firstborn and our only child” His father explained as he picked up his newspaper to take a look at the headlines.
  • “Can I just have little time” Cyrus pleaded
  • “If you want time I'll give you a week” His mother said in a fierce tone knowing fully well that they had given him seven years to get married but he's not.
  • “That's absurd mother and you know it. I need a year or two to get my wife ready” Cyrus replied as he sat down on the couch close to the front door.
  • “You're only getting a week from me. If a woman is hard for you to find get a girl from the orphanage. Get her pregnant and marry her in court if you love your reputation that much” His mother advised as she dropped her glasses.
  • “I am ashamed that these words spilled out from your vocal option” Cyrus said with his hands crossed on his knees.
  • “You're lucky it's just a spill pray you don't see the ocean that'll flow out of my mouth.” His mother said as she stood up to get a cup of coffee for her husband.
  • “Father please listen to me. Can I have a month or maybe two weeks?” Cyrus asked with his knees on the ground.
  • “A month you say. Let's make it two weeks, we give you two weeks to get married or you'll hate what's coming to you” His father said calmly but Cyrus knew these words were his last warning.
  • “I can't believe this. I accept two weeks, buckle your seats cause am coming with my wife in the next fourteen days” Cyrus replied as he stood up in anger.
  • “That's my son talking” His mother said happily as she served coffee to her husband.
  • “You can pull this off son. Go out there and get yourself a wife” His father said as he sipped his coffee.
  • “Let me be both of you. I'm off to see Nicholas” Cyrus said as he opened the door halfway just to hear what his parents would say.
  • “Be back before midnight” His father said with a smile on his face.
  • “I can't come back to this mess. I'll pass the night at his place” Cyrus said with a mischievous smile on his face
  • “Don't” His father tried to caution him but gets interrupted by his mother who said
  • “Let him be as far as he brings a wife home. Whatever he does doesn't bother me”.
  • “What car would I drive today?. I'll just drive the Bugatti Chiron my father got me last week.” Cyrus muttered to himself as he picked the key on the locked counter he used his fingerprint to open.
  • “The cars here are fast but I love the luxury in my Bugatti ” Cyrus said to himself as he turned on the engine and drove out, heading to Nicholas's house.
  • “What brings the billionaire to my house?” Nicholas asked as he hugged him in a masculine way.
  • “Well I'm only running to your house cause it's the only refuge I could think of” Cyrus said as he patted Nicholas on his shoulder.
  • “You're always welcomed here and I've told you my house ain't a refugee camp.” Nicholas said as they both laughed.
  • “Well it's a refuge for me.” Cyrus said with a mocking smile on his face.
  • “Come on let's talk over beer.” Nicholas replied as he walked back into the house.
  • “I need something hot to cool my mind” Cyrus confessed filled with the hurtful words of his parents.
  • “That'll be whiskey then” Nicholas said being conversant with alcohol.
  • “Yeah whiskey” Cyrus replied with a smiley face because he loved whiskey.
  • “What really happened at your place?” Nicholas asked as he gulped down a cup of whiskey.
  • “It's a long story but I'll be straight with you. I've been given two weeks to get a wife.” Cyrus said wearing a big grin on your face.
  • “Is that all? ” Nicholas asked then he laughed when Cyrus nodded his head up and down stating yes. Then he added
  • “You have legions of girls, Fiona, Melissa, Jennifer and many more. Finding a wife is that easy just get one of them married”
  • “It's not that easy infact it's very hard for me” Cyrus replied then he gulped down a cup of whiskey.
  • “Give Jennifer a call, get into her for a few days. Plan an engagement party and there you plan your wedding ” Nicholas advised.