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Chapter 6

  • When I get there, there was a carriage waiting for me. I entered the carriage as we were going, I saw children laughing, people talking, it was a lively place. I did not get scared, instead, I feel joy seeing as they were laughing.
  • They stopped the carriage and a man told me that they have arrived. When I looked outside, the palace was huge. It was way bigger than any place kingdom I have ever seen. So this is the place where many girls are killed.
  • The man stretched his hand for me to come down, I was hesitating to hold his hand but something just push me to hold his hand.
  • I entered the palace and I saw a line of maids all bow and greeted me. This is the first time someone is putting me in too much importance. Well, I am married to the prince of course, so they will all probably respect me.
  • The maids all started leaving when the man called a maid and come.
  • " Kelsey, she will be the only one you will be working for,"
  • " Okay,"
  • " She is your personal maid. Whatever you need, ask her she will do it for you, if she disobeys tell me and I will punish her,"
  • If she disobeys and I tell you, won't that put my life in danger in the means of vampires? I smiled at her, she looked pretty though.
  • " If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me,"
  • " Okay," the man leave
  • " Let me take you to where you will stay,"
  • " Okay," she took me to a room, the room is bigger than even the whole house. They seem to prepare it for me.
  • I looked around the room to see if he is here.
  • " You are hungry, right? I will tell the cooking maid to prepare something for you,"
  • I smiled awkwardly, not saying anything. How can I freely eat her when I don't even know when I will die? Who knows? They might have put poison inside and kill me.
  • " Don't worry, there is no poison inside,"
  • " Ehh,"
  • How does she know what I am thinking? Could it be that she can read my thoughts?
  • " I will tell the maid to prepare something for you.....if you need anything you can call me,"
  • As she was about to go when I stopped her.
  • " Where is the prince?"
  • " Don't worry, he will soon come. He doesn't stay here that much,"
  • " Okay, when?"
  • " I don't know, he can come at any time. He can come today, he can come tomorrow," she said " No one knows when he is coming, if we see him we see him,"
  • " Okay, then," she bows, and then she left.