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Chapter 4

  • I looked at her, not knowing what to say. I did know that her dream is to be a singer and she is making that dream come true, but I don't know what to do. I quickly stand up.
  • " I am going to my room," I left her there,
  • " Nancy, where are you going?" my mother said while coming to the living room
  • " I am going to my room,"
  • " Are you not hungry?"
  • " No, I am not," I went to my room and locked my door.
  • I stand next to the door. I could not bring myself to cry, I just felt helpless. I don't know why this vampire wants to cause a rift between my family? I wish everything should turn back the way it was before when we were all happy. I went to my bed and lay down. My mother knocked on the door.
  • " Nancy, are you sure you are not hungry?"
  • " I am not hungry, don't worry about it mom,"
  • " I don't believe you, open the door let me see you," my mother knocked
  • " Mom, I am alright...I just want to rest, it is a long day,"
  • " Okay, then," she went away from the door. I could hear her footsteps coming down.
  • I closed my eyes, I don't think I even slept when I saw someone looking at me. This woman always comes in my dreams and always advised me, as strange as it may sound I always listen to her, and everything works out perfectly for me.
  • " What are you doing here?"
  • " Though you might think that girl is cruel to you, she is bringing you to your destiny,"
  • " What do you mean?"
  • " Take her place tomorrow, I assure you when you look back you will be glad you take that girl place," she said while sitting down
  • " You said you will protect me. You know the rumors about him, If I go I will die,"
  • " Have I tell you to do something and it harms you?"
  • Whatever she tells me I should do, it never harms me.
  • " Are you saying that the rumor is a false one?"
  • " When you get there you will find out," she stands up " Do as I say or you will regret it for your whole life," she left
  • I opened my eyes and started breathing heavily. my whole body was in a sweat.
  • The next day, I went to breakfast. We were all sitting down at the breakfast table, Camelia looked at me.
  • " Mom, I have something to say,"
  • " What is with this tension? Say whatever you want to say,"
  • " I am going in place of Camelia to marry the vampire prince,"