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Chapter 3

  • Why is my life-changing today? I just hear a ridiculous thing. I am an adopted child, a girl who was abandoned that is who I am. My life is so laughable. 
  • Her mother slapped Camelia
  • " Mom, you slapped me just because of that b*tch," she touches the place her mother slapped her
  • " I will slap you again if you did not take your time," she said " What is your problem? She is your sister,"
  • " She is not my real sister,"
  • " Do you think blood represents family? Though she is not my child, I still care and love her the same way I love you too. When have I treated both of you different? I treat the two of you the same so as your late father.......I am sure your father must be very disappointed with you," her mother wear her jacket
  • " Mom, where are you going?"
  • " Where else do you think I am going?"
  • She started leaving
  • " Mom, don't go," she cried
  • Her mother didn't listen to her and leave
  • -With Nancy-
  • I looked around me and I find out that I am lost. How can I not look at my surroundings? Why is today not working for me? I heard someone calls me. I looked back and I saw my mom, I was happy to see her but I pretended to not be happy.
  • " What are you doing here? You are not my mother,"
  • My mother knocked my head.
  • "Mom," I touched my head
  • " What are you saying? You are my daughter and that's final, don't mind what your sister is are still the girl I looked after, the girl that always get happy over little things, that is who you are,"
  • " Mom," I hugged her and cried.
  • We later went home, we saw Camelia outside the door waiting for us.
  • " Nancy, I am sorry for what I said, I did not mean it. I always took you for my sister but I don't know what happened to me that makes me angry,"
  • " It is okay, I forgive you," We all went inside.
  • My mother started cooking for us but I did not understand what she meant by my mom is debating on who to choose between me and her?
  • " Camelia, what happened? Why did you say what you said?"
  • " I was chosen to be the vampire wive,"
  • " What?" I was shocked, it isn't even close to the full moon. Why will they choose my sister
  • " I was selfish and wanted you to take my place but now I will go to the marriage, if it is my wish to die, so be it,"
  • I looked at her and see that she wanted to cry. I don't know what to say to her, I wanted to comfort her but the words that came out was " Everything will be okay, he might not be a bad guy," I don't know why I said that
  • " Nancy, if you don't know how to comfort somebody please don't do it," she said with anger 
  • " I-,"
  • " Nancy, my dream is to be a singer not to die," she knelt" Nancy, please go in place of me, I am begging you......this should be your payback for what my parents did to take care of you,"