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Chapter 37 : Eunice

  • Damn it.
  • That Gerstruck member hit me hard on the arm and neck tonight. I needed to get some medical supplies at a nearby pharmacy and had to sprout numerous lies just to answer and assure the cashier who had given me a curious look.
  • “You sure you want to go home with that?” Mona asked me when I was about to leave the hideout.
  • I looked at my right arm which had a long abrasion, not to mention how my neck stings because of a cut. “Yes, I can manage.”
  • I decided to leave the hideout and hail a cab ten blocks away from our headquarters.
  • I can’t help but curse out that gang member who gave me all these bruises. That was illegal because she used a knife. Now, I wish for her to rot in jail because the police came when they were all down on the floor.
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