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Chapter 15 : Eunice

  • The priest already began the ceremony but my heart couldn’t stop beating erratically. I wanted to run away because I couldn’t believe this is actually happening to me but when I saw how Josiah looked, my head was already in haywire.
  • “Are you okay?” I heard Josiah ask me.
  • I nodded. I guess I’m acting weird, huh? He doesn’t really ask me if I’m fine. But right now, he did. Maybe I was overdoing this.
  • The wedding rites continued. My parents were crying as I read the vow that the organizer has written for me. But they were even crying more when they heard the vow that Josiah was reading. I bet it was also written by our organizer because I heard them talking about that.
  • I can hear Sage laughing quietly from behind. Josiah glared at him before looking at me.
  • “The groom, please repeat after me,” the priest said as he started reading the vow.
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