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Married To The Gangster

Married To The Gangster

Fantastic Yeoja

Last update: 2020-04-22

Chapter 1 : Eunice

  • “Run!” I heard Mitch shout as we all separated from each other.
  • I can hear the siren from the police car that’s just around the corner. My heart raced even faster as I hear the siren getting closer to where I am.
  • “Hey!” One of the cops yelled but he was alone so he didn’t know where to turn to.
  • I got this opportunity to run even quicker and find a hiding place quickly.
  • I can’t get caught now.
  • “Gemini!” I heard Nanette calling my code name from a distance.
  • I looked at the direction of her voice and saw her on top of the brick wall. She’s already climbed the wall and was trying to stretch her hand so I could come with her. Her clothes are already ripped and covered in blood.
  • I quickly dashed to her and took her hand so I we could climb to the other side. Nanette pulled me successfully and we both jumped to the other side.
  • Both of us are panting because of all the running we just did.
  • “You good?” She asked as she eyed a bruise on my left arm.
  • I nodded. “Fortunately. You?” I asked as I was breathing fast.
  • She nodded and then we both fell silent and tried to listen to the siren from the police car. We stayed there for a few moments until we decided that it’s already safe to leave.
  • “I almost smashed her head this time.” Nanette said as we both walked towards our headquarters.
  • I shook my head. “You think Zinger’s going to be fine?” I asked.
  • Nan scoffed. “I hope she doesn’t. She’s such a pain in the ass,” she rolled her eyes. “And that’s not just her…it’s all of SeQret.”
  • SeQret is one of the gangs that are always asking for trouble. They always give out threat like they could handle it whenever they get beaten by us.
  • Tonight was an example.
  • This is Seoul. This is the real and hidden underground world of Seoul, South Korea. It’s lethal. It’s dangerous. It’s dark.
  • It is composed of different gangs that fight to be on top. It’s all about who the strongest and cruelest group. There’s no room for tears, no room for the weak. Because if one is weak, the whole gang will suffer—the whole gang will die.
  • Most of the gangs are from the elite community—or at least in my gang, it is—that’s why everyone needs to hide their identity for security purposes because as much as possible, the underground life of every gang member must be separated from the normal life. Hence, the use of codenames and masks.
  • Nanette and I arrived at our headquarters near a creak in the darker alleys of the neighborhood. She grabbed her keys and opened the door.
  • It was a rule to always lock the door even if someone is inside. No knocking. No making a sound from the outside because this is a hiding place. This is our safe place.
  • “Good!” Mitch seemed to have relaxed when she saw Nanette and I enter the hiding place. Her clothes are also ripped and crumpled. Her arms both have scratches which are all remnants of the latest fight we just had.
  • Mona was staring at us from the couch. She looked fine, unlike, most of us. Her T-shirt is crumpled a bit but I couldn’t see any bruise on her arms and face.
  • “Where have you been?” She asked as I sat beside her and tried to examine my bruises.
  • I heard Nanette sigh as she walked over to the fridge. “We almost got caught,” she explained as she took two bottles of mineral water and tossed me one.
  • I caught the bottle and drank from it.
  • “Good thing I saw Eunice, or else Astra will be screwed.” Nan kidded before gulping her water down.
  • I ignored her.
  • Mitch walked towards me and sat across Mona and I. “You’re bruised,” she commented with concern laced in her voice.
  • I just nodded. It was obvious. She didn’t need to reiterate.
  • Mitch Gong is the leader of our gang, Astra, is known as Andromeda in the underground world. But up to now, I still don’t know how she became the leader when all I thought Mona was a better fit for the role. But that doesn’t mean Mitch can’t do her job properly. She was just a little…cheerful. But on top of that, she’s also the daughter of the owner of biggest bank chains in South Korea.
  • Mona Yong, also known as Pisces, is the only daughter of the most popular shipping line in the country. She is dubbed as the most serious and the quietest among us which is also why I thought she was a better fit for the leader role. But nonetheless, Mitch was doing a good job.
  • Nanette Kim, on the other hand, is the most active among all of us. She’s talkative and girly but in the underground world, she’s one of the wittiest and most strategic. Her Mom owns the largest cosmetic stores in Asia, hence, her girly attitude. We call her Dipper because she seems to be the center of the group.
  • “Why are you even wondering, Mitch?” Nanette spoke from the bar counter. “Eunice is the strongest among us. She’ll get the most number of bruises.”
  • I immediately shot her a glare but she just shrugged and laughed.
  • I rolled my eyes and stood up to change my clothes. Mom’s going to call any minute from now.
  • “I should get changed,” I said. “You all should, too.”
  • True enough, before I even got to the dresser, my phone rang.
  • “Mom…” I lazily answered her call.
  • “Eunice!” Her voice seemed excited. “Where are you?” She asked enthusiastically.
  • I stopped and thought of an excuse for a moment. “Uhm…school,” I replied as I looked for a long-sleeved shirt so I could hide my bruises.
  • “You’re still in school?” she asked like she didn’t believe it. “Alright, come by the restaurant near your school. It’s called Hamlet and Pork.”
  • I furrowed my brows. “Why?”
  • “I need to tell you something,” she retorted.
  • “What?”
  • “It’s important so I want to tell you personally,” she replied as if she’s in a hurry. “Come here fast.” Then the line went dead.
  • I sighed and placed the phone back in the back pocket of my jeans. I took the black long sleeve button down shirt and a pair of white jeans.
  • “Going somewhere?” Mitch asked as she saw my clothes.
  • I sighed and nodded. “Mom wants to meet with me in Hamlet and Pork.”
  • Mona’s face went sour. “Hamlet and Pork? Isn’t that the restaurant near our school?”
  • I nodded.
  • “Eunice, our school is three miles away from here,” Nanette stated like I wasn’t aware of that fact.
  • I rolled my eyes. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care and stay away from the cops.”
  • Mitch laughed while Nanette and Mona both rolled their eyes at me.
  • “You need to. You’re covered in bruises. But Eunice, we’re just worried about you,” Mitch beamed.
  • I narrowed my eyes at each of them. “I’m fine. These are just small bruises. I’m not going to die from these.”
  • All of them just stared at me like they didn’t believe what I just said. I sighed and just shook my head and headed towards the bathroom to get cleaned.