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CHAPTER 48 Vladimir

  • Amber was sitting in the wheelchair, her heart was thumping inside her chest with anticipation which was weird because she has no romantic feelings for the Vampire King Vladimir. 
  • He was just a silly crush Amber had kidnapped from his Kingdom. Amber inwardly winced at the memory. 
  • Dark Gods! She was so stupid back then. But why was she suddenly so eager to see Vladimir?
  • "Should I warn your boy toy that the rules around here had been changed?" Rome asked.
  • "I would suggest you shut your mouth around him. That will be more convenient for everyone." Amber shot him a glare over her shoulder. Rome was wise enough to shut his mouth.
  • She peeked at Darach, his shoulders were tense. The lock in his jaw was indicating that he had heard Rome. When his gaze collided with Amber, she looked away first.
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