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CHAPTER 42 A Life Growing Inside Her

  • "Since I met him, he carries more anger and pain than a thousand armies can ever bear. He was betrayed, deceived, hurt. Believe me when I say he has already crossed hell and the only time I saw peace in his eyes was when he saw you, Amber."
  • The Oracle's wasn't above a whisper when she mumbled those words while looking at Aric who was sitting near the fire, staring at the flames rising from the wooden logs with a deserted look in his eyes.
  • The four of them were sitting on the ground around the fire in the middle of the night. Lost in their own thoughts.
  • "Don't tell me that you are in love with Aric, Ines. I will kill him with my bare hands and make you watch." Amber's eyes snapped towards the Dragon.
  • He had the Oracle sitting on his lap. His arms around her, locking her as if he was scared that she was going to flee at any moment.
  • "Touch my father, Dragon and I will gladly chop off your hands along with your dick." Amber hissed at the Dragon.
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