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Chapter 26 The One With The Goodbyes

  • "The Cold Queen Was Hiding A little Girl Inside Her Who Was Afraid Of People Hurting Her."
  • Darach's gaze was locked on the woman in front of him. The woman who had transformed into a lycan, not a regular lycan she had transformed into the beast that even Darach's own fear.
  • She was three times bigger than her 5.2 height, her nails had transformed into lethal claws and an image of her beast was flickering on her face.
  • There she was standing, the Rightful Heiress to The Lycan Throne.
  • Darach was staring at the beast cut from the Rightful King of Lycan's soul. His Mighty Uncle's soul. 
  • Amber was Aric's daughter.
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